Tebow’s Interview Absuridty

Earlier today, Tim Tebow showed up to a schedule press interview.  The press showed up in a mass amount, more than usual.  There was so much press that the interview had to be moved to the Jet’s training facility in order to have enough room.  Tim Tebow was clearly overwhelmed and slightly uncomfortable.  The former Bronco quarterback first started by making it clear that the conference was a request from his bosses, Jets Managers, and not self schedule.   Tebow does not want his team mates believing that he is some show off jock trying to impress the media.  He was simply placed in the conference unwillingly.  Tebow stated over and over that all he wanted was to help the Jets anyway he could and to form good relationships with his fellow team mates.  Tebow is a strong believer in God but his faith is stressed through his actions and not his word.  He did not mention his faith until asked upon by the media.  Tebow would like his team mates to get to know him as a man first and then come to understand his faith.  Tebow also spoke about how he liked the trade the trade to the Jets over a trade to his hometown Jacksonville because of coach Rex Ryan.  He stated that it is better to go to a team where he is wanted and where they coaches believe he can help the team.  Tebow is excited to help improve the team and is also not sore about being traded away from the Broncos.  Tebow is a player that looks to improve constantly and to help whatever team he is with, he wants to be welcomed and liked.  The Jets are going to have an interesting season with Mark Sanchez finally having competition and Tebow having such a huge fanbase.  Sanchez will need to step it up and step it up fast if he wants to keep Tebowmania down because fans may get restless will soon especially New York fans.  With that said, Tebow should also be cautious because if he is placed in the game, New York has no problem letting you know how they feel.  This fan base will be something Tebow is not ready to deal with, can he handle negativity?  Tebow is a well liked man, but if you don’t play well then people start losing their friendliness.

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