Hurricanes, Technology Blackouts and the Union of Americans

Living in Florida, hurricanes are nothing too out of the ordinary. The occasional wind and rain may cause a headache every now and then, but they rarely make it to the point where they present a life threat. However, this hurricane, Sandy as she is called, is causing a lot more havoc than was probably expected. This hurricane is hitting the Northeast coast. This is kind of ironic as most of the time these storms favor the Southeast. New York and New Jersey are being affected greatly.

My best friend lives in Jersey. I spoke with her, asking how things were going for her. The first thing she was upset about: no power. It is often taken for granted just how important electricity is. Electricity is what powers our technology and we all know the majority of us are lost without that. Computers, cell phones, tablets, we feel we need them to function. The blackouts in New York as a result of Hurricane Sandy are not only affecting our small technology. Think about how much power Time Square requires. The city that never sleeps is on lockdown and everyone is advised to stay inside. Jobs, schools, other businesses, all closed. This hurricane has become more than your average wind and rain.

So as we continue with our power, schoolwork, and Twitter app on our phone, let us also think of those in our own country lacking power and other resources. It is easy to neglect people who are of other countries because it is far from home. But, the Northeast is in OUR backyard. We need to do more as a country to support one another. Technology does distract us from one another, placing a roadblock between normal conversation and discussion between one another. But, we can use our computers and phone for more than just social media and texting, we can utilize them to create an unity as a country and as Americans.

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