Huzzah! A Fresh Start after a Long Battle.

The trumpet has sounded, and the fires have been lit; at long last the Presidential election season has come to a close! And whether your favored political party won or lost, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief at the fact that we no longer have to hear ” …..And I approve this message!” a total of 37 times per hour amidst our favorite tv shows.  Now whilst I am definitely making light of this very serious matter, I do so out of an earnest hope that we as a people can now move forward to face the daunting trials building up against our country. Debt is still a very serious issue, and with the so called “fiscal cliff” right around the corner (about two months away from the automatic spending cuts taking place),  our political leader, Democrats and Republicans alike, must put aside differences and focus an effort towards working together on solving these issues.

Alot of people looked at this election in a very traditional, very partisan manner. It was, “Our guy, or bust” for many individuals, and that simply isn’t how a democracy works. A democracy is all about the give and take of each party, not just the major twosome. But in today’s environment, things seem more polarized than ever, to the point in which it seems nothing will ever get done. But now that the races are over and done with (of course with the obvious exception of Florida who at the moment STILL hasn’t figured out who they want), we have a real opportunity to push our legislators to work across the political isles and makes real progress toward the recovery of America in the world today.  Rather than a bickering Lame duck congress similar to what we’ve had over the last four years, we have a real chance to let our elected officials move toward the center on issues like Taxes, production, fuel, and more.

With the election over, and another 4 years of work ahead of us, we really have a great chance at a fresh start, and if our politicians are listening to what we, the people are calling for, then I have no doubt that our nation’s future is bright indeed.

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