I Suffer from Information Overload!

I find myself being constantly overwhelmed by information I intake everyday of my life. Whether I’m watching television or I’m scrolling through my twitter account, I can’t help but feel like there is always something to learn. Most of the information is unnecessary while other information is completely crucial to who I am as a student, a female, an employee, and a consumer. The article I read was appropriately titled “Overload” because that is exactly what is happening in my generation and even slightly before. The article focuses on the idea of young people being overloaded but to me it’s everyone that has access to any kind of technology, especially the internet. Just to reiterate, some of the numbers research has found is 70 million blogs online right now followed by 150 million websites. But it doesn’t stop there, those numbers are said to increase at ten thousand more by each passing hour. Just choosing to take this course online is a clear demonstration of the amount of time I spend on the internet. It has even come to the point where I would rather take an entire college course online because I know that is where is spend the majority of my free time. Acknowledging these number of blogs and websites it’s no wonder I feel so overwhelmed by an abundance of information on a daily basis. Every website I visit, and every phone app I use all gives me some type of information I input into my brain. What I found to be the most interesting piece of information from this article was that people are no better informed now than they where in less information rich times. The explanation to this would be that some people seek news and some that are simply not interested. Regardless, I don’t see the rate of information overload getting any slower, and just the thought of what is to come in the future and the caliber of information my kids will someday process is down right astonishing to me.

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