Society Drown in Information

If you go online to see the latest news stories, you will find that are more than 70 million blogs and 150 million websites today. Then, you will think that this means media is growing faster and faster everyday posting up more than one hundred of options, so people can choose which one to read. Unfortunately this is not the case because what is happening is the opposite.

People are getting overwhelmed with all the information that is online, they prefer to skip it to not get more confused. Bree Nordenson stays in his article that the abundance of news and ubiquity of choice do not necessarily translate into a better news environment for consumers.  Society is fatigue for the overdoses of information they receive not everyday but every second.

The main purpose of the media is not only to inform the public but also to explain and make news comprehensive, so consumers have multiples ways to learn about and understand an issue. This is the case of the website for BBC News that shows how journalistic organizations can deliver context in the digital environment. However, this doesn’t happen with the websites in America where none of them explain in very detail or link stories to one another, so people do not get lost when reading an article or news story.

News organizations should be like educational institutions where they help people convert information into the knowledge they need to understand the world. It is not only presenting the story, but giving the viewers and readers all the details and background a story needs to make it more comprehensible. These organizations need to revaluate their role in the field and do things to better serve the community. They need to make a change in the way they present the information to make the consumers more interested in the daily news and they can be focused in what they read, hear, and watch.


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