If You Could Make a Utopian Society Would You?

I have recently started watching anime on a more frequent basis. Anime, which means animation in Japanese, is a style of Asian cartoon geared more toward adults. Not that there isn’t childish anime either, I just think of it as what Pixar does, making a movie for children, with subtle jokes for the parents. But with Netflix and Hulu it’s almost wrong not to watch them, because of how many there are. Scrolling through the pages and pages of anime, I stumbled onto one that, the way the title alone was written, caught my eye. The name of the anime, is Death Note. The premise behind the show, is a 17-year old boy from Japan, Light Yagami. He finds a notebook that as long as he writes a person’s name and has that person’s face in mind, that person will die, of a heart attack unless specified otherwise. Light is definitely an anti-hero, because he uses his wits, as he is the top student in his high school, and his strong sense of “justice” to murder criminals that show up on the evening news. He sets sail for this voyage of killing, in the beginning, to make a utopian society, where he is recognized as the god or savior of the world. It really had me thinking, if I was in his shoes, would I do the same thing? I kept coming back to one answer, yes. The reason is because murdering criminals could be a benefit to society. But then my mind races again with the fact, that I’d become what I was trying to rid the world of, and someone could argue I became the worst form of what I was trying to eliminate. Even knowing this, I think I’d still do the same as Light because in order to have rebirth there needs to be death. According to the bible, God destroyed the world numerous times to rid it of evil and give mankind a new chance. Would you use the Death Note?

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