McDonald’s set to offer all-day breakfast nationally

The fast-food giant McDonald’s will no longer have to serve the rush of customers trying to meet the 10:30AM cut-off time for their globally known breakfast menu. Last Tuesday, company officials announced that they will release an all-day breakfast menu, starting on Tuesday, October 6.

The adaption to an all-day breakfast menu has been highly acclaimed by consumers. McDonald’s received over 120,000 requests on Twitter to eliminate the cut-off time for their breakfast items. Before corporate executives made the official decision, they had tested an all-day breakfast menu in select restaurant locations, finding huge success. “It’s been the number one requested thing from our customers for years,” McDonald’s President Mike Andres said.

For years, McDonald’s executives were reluctant to offer breakfast items throughout store hours, simply because it would be difficult to serve the breakfast and lunch menus simultaneously. In order to make room for the expanded menu, some locations are slashing some of the less favorite food items. For example, McDonald’s locations in the Nashville area are removing McWrap’s from their menu. Not all breakfast items will be available all day, however, popular items will be preparing for their all-day debut, including the Egg McMuffin, McGriddles, and hash browns. Andres confirmed that items that will be added and deleted from the menu will vary from market to market.

This marketing strategy is an attempt to push the company out of the two year profiting slump, as competition in the fast food industry stiffens, and changes begin to increase in American tastes. Andres closed out his official announcement by stating, “We believe that all-day breakfast could be the next big thing.”

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