“I’m Divergent!!!” Next Big Young Adult Blockbuster Hopeful Prepares for Weekend Debut!!!

Over the past few years, Hollywood has turned its money making eyes to the engaging works of literature that have captured the imagination of young readers around the world. Authors like Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Susanne Collins, and Louis Sachar have had their beloved books turned into box office monsters over the past few years. With the recent monumental success of The Hunger Games franchise based of Susanne Collins’ trilogy, Hollywood has finally found the worthy gem that is worthy to succeed the Harry Potter franchise. However, with The Hunger Games franchise nearing completion, Lionsgate is desperately hoping to find the next big young adult franchise to carry them beyond. Their answer: Veronica Roth’s Divergent. What has boldly been considered the “Next Hunger Games”, The New York Times bestselling novel will come to life on March 21st and aim to become the next big young adult blockbuster. Telling the story of a young girl living in a society divided by five factions, she embarks on a life changing journey upon discovering she is Divergent, a person who does not fit into a specific faction and is therefore a danger to the society where she lives.


                Headlined by Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley, Divergent is poised to become a box office behemoth in just its first weekend. With a tremendous roster of veteran actors as well as established young talent, Divergent has the tools necessary to become the box office success story it hopes to be. All eyes will be on this film on March 21st and only time will tell whether it truly will be the next hunger games or the next box office bomb.

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