Grant Towards Preserving the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Gives Hope to its Removal from the Endangered Species List.

The Florida grasshopper sparrow has seen new hope after an incredible grant was made in the hopes that it would help remove it from the endangered species list.

Last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service gave nearly half a million dollars towards the preservation of the Central Florida native species. The bird, which is found only in Florida, was thought to be one of the most endangered bird species in all of North America. Unfortunately, due to limited amounts of funding, nothing could be done previously to save the bird from extinction.

Today, only several hundred of the sparrow exist and conservationists hope that the use of the grant will be successful in bringing up the number of birds. The grant is going to be allotted towards maintaining ranch lands in order to provide a safer living environment for the sparrows and will also be used to remove plants that are disruptive to the natural lands which are so vital to the birds’ survival.

Astonishingly, the Florida grasshopper sparrow has been listed on the endangered species list for over twenty years, making this new step towards saving it an incredible victory in the eyes of conservations and animal activists alike.

Unfortunately, one sparrow species, known as the dusky seaside sparrow and also native to Florida, was not as lucky as the grasshopper sparrow as it was the last bird species to die out when it went extinct nearly thirty years ago.

Thankfully, there is hope for the Florida grasshopper sparrow as plans to preserve it are now in effect.

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