University of Central Florida Students Talk About Safety After Former Student Brooke Dawkins Dies From A Tragic Accident

Students at the University of Central Florida weighed in on the need for safety at intersections around UCF that could help prevent another accident like the one that  sent a UCF student to the hospital in critical condition. The safety of Alafaya Trail is now in question after a University of Central Florida student  Brooke Dawkins was sent to the hospital in critical condition after being hit by a truck. Dawkins was involved in an accident on Feb. 23 when she walked out into the path of a Toyota Pickup truck at the intersection of Alafaya Trail and Gemini Blvd. Students suggest that walking with a group of friends is the safest way to avoid accidents like these.  Many also said that having a pedestrian bridge will be extremely beneficial because a lot of students cross Alafaya on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, Brooke Dawkins passed away Wednesday March 5 after succumbing to injuries she sustained after being hit by a car. An update posted by Brody Dawkins, Brooke’s brother, on her support page stated that she was declared “medically brain dead and has ascended from this life into the next.” Florida Highway Patrol Public Affairs Officer Kim Montes confirmed that the Brooke had passed away.

“Per her wishes, Brooke will donate her organs to give the gift of life to multiple recipients across the country. She will give others a chance at life and it’s all we could ask for,” Brody Dawkins said. Students and friends, along with the UCF community, offered mountains of support to Brooke and her family over the past week, even helping to raise money to help pay for medical bills.

From now on, instead of praying for Brooke, you can pray to her. We should use this tragic story as an example to make better decisions about safety.

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