The Mystery Of The Lost Plane With Destination To Pekin

Since this past Friday, the international news were centered on an mysterious event that has happened on the Asian part of the world. A plane from Malaysia Airlines have disappeared while flying originally from Kuala Lumpur with final destination in Pekin. The plane that was occupied by 227 passengers including the crew, lost contact with the air bases near Vietnamese land.

The tragedy is reaching its higher peak of fear when hardly any information have been found out about the lost plane after a couple days.

The investigators have pointed out on the media that the origin of the problem could have been a mechanical issue, considering that the Boing B777 was already 11 years old, however this hypothesis is diminished by the fact that any alert was sent from the plane, as well that the weather conditions were not terrible.

Another hypothesis that has been issued was the possibility of a terrorist attack, since it has been found out that two of the passengers were travelling with fake passports. However nothing has been confirmed officially.

China was the first country to start a research on the plane, however this mission was cooperated by other countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and the U.S.

The last news available on the topic is the fact that a Vietnamese plane has located some pieces that could have belonged to the plane, which would confirm that the plane actually had a crash. The Vietnamese government confirmed that one piece is possibly a part of the tail, and the other one, an inside door of the plane.

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