Top Freshmen in College Basketball May Save NBA Team

The National Basketball Association is a multi-million dollar industry. The league gathered organizations who formed teams and pay for the best talent in the world. They also have found ways to monetize the love fans have for the game. The people in each of the cities, who have basketball teams, have developed different cultures when they show their support in home games. Naturally, some organizations (teams) are more successful than others at maintaining a happy fan base through winning games and championships. The main way organization’s look to get better is by drafting skilled young players from college, which is also a multi-million dollar industry. The main difference being players in colleges do not get paid for playing in school teams.

It remains to be seen, but analyst project the talent on this year’s draft to be good enough to turn around some of the less successful teams in the league. Parker, Embiid and Wiggins have shown great production so far this season. They all average double figures in points per game and shoot for over 45% from the field. Scoring is something that would be expected of them at the next level.

This year’s draft class remains an unpredictable rollercoaster because a number of the top players are only college freshmen. The rule itself is simple. The NBA has a draft eligibility rule that states that American prospects are eligible to be drafted once they are 19 years, which is the only reason why players like Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, and Andrew Wiggins may even consider going to school instead of sitting out a year. The college basketball season hasn’t even ended and these players are already getting bombarded with questions about their thoughts on if they will be going pro next year.

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