Im With Google(Stupid)

The title of Carr’s article is the first and probably most overt clue to what argument he is trying to make.  Is Google making us stupid? The obvious answer might be that Google gives us instant access to all types of information and that access is surely making us smarter, however, is it also making us mentally unaware.

In our generation we rely heavily on the Internet to answer all of our questions. Where am I, how do I solve this problem, who did what today? It’s become so much so, that the Internet is our first go to before an actual person. One of the main ideas of this article is to stir the debate on whether or not the Internet may actually have negative effects on the human mind. Carr states how his own memory is being affected by the fast pace of the Internet, jumping from one page to the next. Normal reading habits that used to be natural have now become a struggle for him and many others. His idea is that the Internet is set up to make other people money, while our critical thinking skills and attention spans are being undercut in the process

Ultimately this article expands upon the troubles of vast accessible information, and used to motivate others in not relying too heavily on the Internet. Carr does not want the generations to come to be insufficient in their mental capacities, since the wiring of people’s brain can change with what the person does to it.

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