Will cost of liberal studies pay off in the long run?

I was recently asked if journalism should still be taught as listed courses among institutions, of course my initial response was yes, obviously because it is in my field of study. Then I thought about it in depth, and don’t get me wrong I stand by my initial response a hundred and ten percent. But I was kind of taken aback when I realized that this question was actually debatable. As a college student in my third year of study I am not going to change my major, AGAIN but I questioned adding an extra minor under my belt after participating in this debate just so that I was guaranteed a position after graduation. The real world is something that we as students have been preparing for our entire lives, and of course we all want to succeed. So that brings me to my point, we invest so much money in receiving a higher education but will it pay off in the long run? I was originally a pre-med major, knowing it wasn’t for me I switched my major numerous times after that. When I found what I loved to do, I took the steps to becoming a radio-television student; I love it. I also love money so is the the field for me? I have internally debated my choices a numerous amount of times and I keep coming to the same conclusion; regardless of my of field, if I want to make money, I will most definitely find a way to do so.

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