Immigrants risk a lot, don’t you think?

Immigrants risk their lives, and families to be under paid and overworked, The Southern Poverty Law Center has found that from 2004-2006, the average personal yearly income for women farmworkers was 11,250. For men it was 16,250. With weakened laws, many employers take advantage of the unauthorized workers from sexual abuse, to not having workers’ compensation. Only 39 percent are eligible for unemployement insurance; even though many of their employers pay into the systems. Fewer than half unauthorized workers can claim compensation if they’re injured on the job. There are so many on-going issues that employers avoid the red tape altogether, and go through gapes that the government hasn’t fully defined as of yet. Several employers use their own housing arrangements to accommodate the workers’. With so much turmoil going on, it is no wonder why there is an outcry for an immigration reform in America.

Throughout America, there is an uproar brewing and everyone can feel it. Unauthorized immigrants and their families want to be heard in unprecedented numbers. President Obama is working closely to loosen laws on immigrations and give immigrant workers’ children the chance for a better future, a chance to go to college, receive benefits, and to acquire their rights. America must end the heart-wrenching separation of families and come to some type of agreement. Although immigrant workers were not born in America, they are the very foundation that keeps our job force intact and the future for our country. America must take a stand on immigration and lead our nation into the future.

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