Seattle SUPERsonics back in Seattle.

If your a huge sports fan like me then you may be up to date with the latest news in regards to the Seattle supersonics moving back to Seattle. A few years ago the team was sold by its owner (the founder of Starbucks I believe) and picked up in Sacramento which formed a pretty solid team by the name of the Sacramento Kings. It was a devastating day in the rainy city an has been ever since. Now there’s hope that they can possibly bring their team back and maybe kick up some nostalgia. The only thing stopping them? The Sacramento Kings of course! Essentially they would be trying to  survive the same fate the supersonics did when they got moved. This story is oddly reminiscent of an o old Bible story called Solomon and the Two Mothers. One team, two cities, who’s taking back their team!

I myself am not a Sacramento/Seattle fan at all but i can imagine what it feels like to get history and maybe even the pride and joy of a city taken  away. Both ends are pulling out all the stops to get the team settled in their city. There have been riots, protests, and hate blogs and comments running rampant on both sides. No final plans have been made in regards to who will play on the team and when the new arena will be built but there are definitely layouts of how the key arena will be revamped. Although I have no stock invested I would actually like to see Seattle get their team back. I really think this rainy city needs it.

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