Instant Gratification an American Epidemic

In today’s society we receive things almost instantly. We expect people to text back as quick as possible, email us back the same day, and we even has establishments called “fast food.” I know first hand that I also suffer from this now forming epidemic of instant gratification.

Technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. Now that we have computers, smart phones, tablets, and other technologies we have forgotten how to wait for things. Realistically American’s can have what they want when they want it. Even if we don’t have the money. Thanks to credit cards and loans I don’t have to wait to by a 60 inch flat screen TV.

Now the real question: Is society going down hill because of it. As a society we get anxious if a person has not texted back in a time frame of two minutes. This often causes fights and doubt about the person on the other end. All of this instant feed back could be getting the best of us. We are missing out on the excitement of saving up $12,000.00 and finally being able to by that brand new car.

Maybe society needs to back a lot off expecting things to be instant and spend more time living in the moment and being happy with what we have and be excited about what we are looking forward to. Waiting is something I believe we have to start developing again. I know I get antsy when I can’t get internet service and I want to know who sings a certain song, what a word means, or who was it that movie.

Instant gratification is an epidemic that no one is even noticing and I believe it is time we take a good hard look our society that we have built.

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