University of Central Florida Fraternity– Sigma Nu Hosts The Fifth Annual “Undie Classic”

The Undie Classic is an underwear run to benefit Goodwill Industries of Central Florida. The idea was first brought up by Steven Harowitz and then carried out in 2009 with the help of Joseph Lebowitz. “The run was designed, and will always be, operated with a philanthropic focus.

The fun event does not cost any money. Instead, the charge to run is clothing donations.  This year, Sigma Nu has a goal to collect over 2,000 pounds of clothing. Also, sponsors will be donating money to match the amount of clothes donated.  Sigma Nu is expanding their annual event by giving both monetary and clothing donations to Goodwill.

The run begins and ends at Lake Claire on Friday, April 18 at 6 p.m. Although this is an extremely carefree way of giving back to the community, there are a couple of rules:

1)      Undies are required. You cannot be naked; no matter how good looking you think you           are.

2)      You must present a valid UCF student I.D in order to participate.

3)      Wedgies are frowned upon.  Don’t be that person… Everyone who participates in the             Undie Classic has a blast. It’s an opportunity to run around campus in your undies                 and not have a cop chasing after you!

The date of the first year that we held the Undie Classic coincided with ACE Day put on by the Burnett Honors College. Before I even knew of the event, I can remember the Honors College staff laughingly telling me of the reaction of the elementary kids as they exited the Pegasus Ballroom to see all of the participants running through the Union in their underwear.

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