International House of Prayer, a Place Where Young People Go to Study and Follow the Word of God

I cannot wait for the opportunity to visit International House of Prayer, a church located in Kansas City. This particular church opened its doors back in 1999; since that moment it has been open twenty four hours a day to anyone who wants to visit the place to worship God and to enjoy spending time in His presence.

The worshiping program is divided in sets of two hours, where mainly groups of young people sing the word of God; some of them are students in the university property of the church. A young friend named Paola, who graduated from an Orlando High School this past summer, visited the place for three months and decided to stay for three years. Every day they start the day praying for six hours. After the prayer they go to classes to learn how to study the Bible and how to hear the voice of God. Additionally, the students learn how to better serve the community.

While the tendency for many people today is to wrongly generalize and judge young people as lost, it causes admiration to see how young people take the commitment to spend his/her youngest years serving God and keeping Him as a priority. It will make a big difference if many more young people decide to look for God’s direction, not necessarily going to a place like International House of Prayer, but simply by starting to read the word of God and study what it says is the right way to follow.

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