UCF Knights Destroy FIU Panthers Without Breaking a Sweat

College football is back and this passed weekend was a exhilarating one for the students of the University of Central Florida. The Knights beat the Florida International University Panthers 38 to 0! Even though UCF has moved up in division’s, and now has to worry about games against USF, Penn State, and Rutgers, the game against FIU still stir’s up some competition among students. For my roommates and I, it is an especially stressful game because we are from Miami and know a lot of people who attend FIU. All week we were getting bashed from our friends down south of how they were going to beat us, even though we knew that would never be true. They will just never let us forget that we lost to them two years ago, even with us beating them easily last year. Tailgating started early on Friday, September 6th,  where the students and friends at FIU were getting hyped up and ready for an intense match. The South Florida school considers the game against UCF a very important game of their season. Well, the Panthers were demolished by the Central Florida Knights in their own backyard. UCF football is now 2-0 and FIU is 0-2. I have to say, it was a very exciting and empowering feeling seeing the score at the end of the game. Of course, I was mature and didn’t give them too much of a hard time; I’m sure they felt enough pain just watching the game. With one more event done, UCF is moving closer to bigger games against schools that will give them much more competition.

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