Internet Speeds Soar With Google Fiber

The Internet has quickly become a necessity in most households across America. However, not everyone’s Internet is the same. Internet speed and connectivity is varied upon ones specific location and providers that service the area. While most cable companies provide this service as well as cable and phone, a new contender is now entering the ring with the fastest speeds yet. Google Fiber is the newest “limited” Internet service provider.

Google Fiber is offering the ability to use and maintain lighting fast Gigabit Internet speeds. That’s 75-100 times faster then the average local cable and Internet provider. It’s easy to get used to ultra-high speeds; websites load instantly, photos upload in the matter of seconds, and you never have to wait for videos to buffer again. So how does it work? The “fiber” is actually fiber: A thin thread of glass with the ability to pump more digital information through at faster speeds then ever before. Many residents in the testing areas have attributed to the fact that once you’ve used Google Fiber, it’s hard to go back to regular connectivity.

While Google Fiber was just recently released within the passed year its still undergoing testing in only a very few cities. Kansas, Missouri, and now Austin Texas will be the new home to Google Fibers “Fiberhoods.” With the overwhelming success of the service within these cities, it wont be long until Google expands to even more areas as the project continues to grow. Now the question remains, will you switch to Fiber?

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