Virtual Interaction vs. Personal Interaction.

The internet has come a long way from what it first was created for. The world wide web intended to share information, mostly professional work related content. Now we mainly use it as a form to connect to other’s. Facebook, Skype, Twitter and other social networks have created the act of staying in touch a lot easier. But are we taking it too extremes? In Brown’s article               “Relationships, community, and Identity in the New Virtual Society”  Brown points out that the future of falling in love online could become common. Dating will become a virtual thing. Online dates and establishing virtual relationships will become common specially among the young. As pointed in the article establishing relationships online are safer and less intimidating for certain people. You could also argue that establishing relationships online with strangers could be dangerous as proven in many cases with molesters and such. Has technology and the internet become so interesting and fascinating that we are willing to sacrifice personal face to face interaction? Personally I am not against online dating, although never doing it myself and personally not feeling comfortable with the idea, I could see why some turn to it. It does make it easier to meet people with common interest, cutting some of the trouble out. But that face to face interaction is still needed. How could a virtual date ever replace or even be compared to a physical date is beyond me. The internet should be used mostly out of need, and be kept minimal when it comes to interaction. It does come in handy when you live far from friends and family members to connect and stay in touch of-coarse. But too simply replace or minimize physical interaction over a virtual relationship is ridiculous. It’s important to remember that too much of a good thing like technology and the internet can be bad.Virtual worlds can only fulfill us so much and it’s important to not replace the real world for a virtual one.


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