Internet Use for Promotion

Computers are being used for different types of things everyday. We do homework, type papers, conduct research, listen to music, communicate with people everyday, play games, and just use  it for entertainment. As of lately, we are seeing the internet being used for promotional reasons. Events are being promoted via Facebook. Businesses get through us with special pages to promote themselves. With something more relevant the presidential election was very popular on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

I use the computer everyday for my job. I work at the radio station for the Promotions Department. Updating the Facebook page is a major task. I put pictures on the company website, update the site with new music daily. The internet for the radio station is a very important tool. Without it, the company would not be able to grow. It would have to rely on older methods of promotions such as street hits; going out in the streets and physically engaging with the listeners which seems costly and not as effective with our new society and technology.

Also, just recently we experienced the 2012 election with Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. I noticed both parties had public pages on Facebook. They posted about certain beliefs and points. People were able to like their comments and share with other people, which in a way is free promotions. On Twitter, my friends follow the President. I see “retweets” from him which are visible to others. I remember learning how Obama used social media in 2008 to beat McCain. Both presidents adopted and took social media serious this time around.

These are some examples of how the internet is used for promotion. If that isn’t enough, I DJ as a job. I tweet about parties and reach a crowd through social media. That is promotion as well. There is a shift to a virtuous world where we do not have to leave our seat. The internet is all we need.

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