The Most Useful iPad App!

I have downloaded, installed, and deleted many apps for my iPad.  There have been many I liked, many I loved, and many I could not get rid of  quick enough.  But when I decided to spend $129.99 on an app, I knew it would be good.  This $130 app is Luminair.  Luminair is a lighting controller that sends DMX commands over WiFi.  First, you must take the DMX dongle and plug it into a wireless router.  This allows for you to connect the iPad to it, enabling control.  Next, you take your lights and chain them together.  Plug one end of the chain into the other end of your dongle.  From there, simply address each fixture and it should work!  Depending on your type of light, you can select different profiles enabling all of the features the light has to offer.  Conventional lights, like your par-cans, will usually only have one channel.  That one channel is off and on.  While on the other hand, your moving lights can have upwards of 25 channels.  These include, off and on, pan and tilt, pan and tilt speed, strobe, color mixing, gobo control, and shutter speed.

One of my favorite features of this lighting controller is the ability to be wireless.  It allows me to program lights from literally anywhere in the venue.  This saves me a lot of time, because if something required trouble shooting, I would have to leave my console to fix it, and then walk back and hope the problem was solved.  Now I am able to immediately determine if the problem was fixed.

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