The New Chromenotebook, The Laptop for Everyone

It has been on the shelves for just a little bit, but already many stores are out of it. No, it is not the iPhone 5 though it would seem like it, it is their competitor Google and its new Chromenotebook. Chromenotebook is a new laptop that besides it’s really impressive and appealing price (about $250 retail), is surprisingly advanced. The main selling point of this laptop would be the Google cloud interface, a feature that allows you to automatically update and store information as it is processed in the laptop. This is a really great feature that allows the computer manufacture Google to create a computer that isn’t held back by traditional laptop designs. Google decided to strip the computer of all its hard-drive space, and unnecessary hardware and allow the customer to have a computer that runs on the Google applications and internet interface. This in turn has made the new Google Chromenotebook incredibly light and incredibly fast (on average start up time is 10 seconds).

Ultimately Google does have the goal of creating a complete line of notebooks that allow the work done by the consumer to be automatically uploaded to the internet, which would free up the manufacture to add to the notebooks consumer favorites such as: increase battery life, Virus protection, maintained computer speed, and of course decreased frame and size. The Google Chromenotebook also came with a very appealing display that is very similar to the Apple display, which does increase the assumed value of the notebook. Aside from having its own display, Google also hires “consultants” that will immediately show you how the new system works. Google is coming up with a really great product, and as far as I can see it is time to transfer out of the old way of manufacturing notebooks and invest in a Google Chromenotebook.

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