Introducing the Internet in Some Cultures Can Make All The Difference

Once a culture is introduced to the Internet, information is discharged at a constant frequency. Social Media, blogging, Internet news sites, and social media sites have become an equal force to conventional media such as newspapers and broadcast news. Internet explodes when introduced to a country that has never experienced such an immediate supply of information written by anyone who has access. In some places, it is even considered more reliable than traditional sources because of this. In many places the Internet is the only place to get news that isn’t censored or “corrected” for the government’s sake. This is because Internet posters, unlike other news sources, are unregulated by the government. Instead of working for the government or other sponsors, they only work for themselves. This creates a bond of trust from outside audiences. Where a news station could easily be keeping important news from you because of government intervention, a blogger is trying to uncover that news. The bloggers in Egypt are a great example. The blogger, who gets paid nothing, has the ability to make more of an impact than an educated journalist at a newspaper, whom is forced to quit because of his refusal to kill a story. This creates an unbridled spread of the news, and depending on your point of view, this can be very bad. For the government in Egypt, this was one of worst things that could happen. Government officials and workers were exposed committing unlawful acts and the government was accused of covering it up. In the previous media, government had access to controlling the way the news was presented. With the introduction to the Internet, this all changed in an instant.

Finally the community and the world could see events as they really happened in the eyes of the people. Not only were the people of that area finding out the truth, but so was the rest of the world. The government and its workers who were committing these crimes were shown for what they really were.

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