iPad 3 Complaints

I’m not huge on apple products. The only apple product I own is a broken 15-inch macbook pro. I really need to get it fixed, but that’s besides the matter. As is the case with any new release (whether a movie or product), there is always going to be praise and complaints about it. In the case of the upcoming film “The Three Stooges,” I forsee only complaints being said about it. With regards to the new Apple iPad, I’ve only heard praise for it the past few weeks. Although to say I’ve only heard good things about it is a bit biased, considering I haven’t heard much about it. My sources include apple commercials and one person I know that owns an iPad 3. Regardless of whether the product is good or bad, whch is essentially subjective,  over 3 million iPad 3’s were sold during its first weekend on sale. After some recent surveying, consumers have voiced their opinion on what the new iPad’s biggest flaws are.

For one, people are complaining that it is too expensive. An Apple product? Expensive? Never. However, the pricey cost of the iPad has been compared to cheaper tablets such as the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire. Currently, the iPad retails for anywhere between $500 and $830 dollars. On top of the iPad’s cost, users have turned to Apple forums to argue about the product’s wireless connectivity issues. Apple faced a similar problem with the release of the iPhone 4 and its antenna issues. But the iPad has general wifi connection problems. It is said that the issue can be resolved when iOS is updated. Another recent dispute has been the iPads heat. Users are saying that their iPads have often become hot to the touch. Apple released this statement regarding the issue:

The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.

Other complaints include the fact that the tablet takes far too long to charge. It is recommended to charge it over night. I’m not sure how this would effect the iPad, but I know charging a phone over night after it reaches full battery can be hazardous to the long term battery life. Related to the slow battery charging is the fact that the battery isn’t actually at 100% when it says it is. Contradicting my previous statement, one apple spokesperson said that if you leave your iPad plugged in after the indicator reads 100 percent, you risk damaging the battery long-term. The Huffington Post rebuttled the statement, saying that “this is a problem, obviously: Should you leave your battery not-quite-charged, or keep it plugged in and risk damage?” Other complaints about the iPad 3 include old smart covers not working, no face time on the data eating 4G LTE, and the fact that it isn’t different enough from the iPad 2.

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