Saint’s Assassins

In recent NFL news, the New Orleans Saints have been found guilty of  bounty playing which means players were paid to purposely try and injure other opponents.  Head Coach Sean Peyton was suspended for an entire year and assistant coach Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely and may not be allowed back into the league.  No doubt that this is an extreme issue and a situation like this may have been direct results of many serious injuries.  This being said, football is a dangerous and rough sport which has injuries.  There is no good way of telling which injuries were caused on purpose or not, there can not be liability for injuries that occur during a full contact sport.  Now Saints players may be faces criminal charges for their participation.  The league is taking a very close look at this situation and are holding no mercy for anyone as seen by the coaches’ suspensions.  With as many as a possible 27 players from the Saints facing charges, only Johnathan Vilma was named.  Vilma is one the top defensive players in the league and it may be seen like a coincidence that he came from the University of Miami.  UM has been notorious for having ruthless players and it may be one of the reasons that a player like Vilma, who always plays tough, was first to be named in this scandal.  Sure this bounty scheme seems perfect for a player like a Cane, typical stereotype.  It appears that the football associations both pro and college will always have a negative perspective of Miami Hurricane players.  This team after all was the reason college football created a whole new rulebook in the 1980’s after Miami’s Legacy was monstrous.  In the 1980’s the Hurricanes won multiple Championships and were known for their badness and unsportsmanlike like celebrations.  They changed college football as we knew it, even in the NFL they have created huge impact being one of the highest drafted colleges by the professional league.  If all this bounty scandal holds up, players like Vilma could face large fines and jail time and possible expulsion from the league itself.  There is no telling how serious the charges may be when Rodger Goddell has been in a horrible mood with everything going on in the league these pass few years.

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