Ryan Leaf is sacked again

Ryan Leaf is a retired San Diego Quarterback who played a mere three years in the league and never had any special games.  The former NFL player had been known to have drug problems and in 2009 was arrested for breaking an entry and stealing prescription drugs.  Charged with 20,000 and on a ten year probation sentence, Leaf was arrested again this past weekend.  The entire story has not been released but it is reported that Leaf has been arrested for the same charges again.  Two times in 3 years, it is apparent this may be a more serious problem.  Leaf is now being attained in prison and not released like the first time.  Leaf’s professional career was well short of anything good, but his drug problems have become tragic.  This story goes to prove that not everyone is perfect and even professional athletes may have dark sides.  It makes for an interesting story because even though the league test athletes for drugs, they can’t test for other personal problems or mental issues.  Ryan Leaf was once considered to be the next big thing, even being compared with Peyton Manning.  Both quarterbacks were sought highly and considered to become great players. Leaf dropped off and Manning is going to be eventually in the Hall of Fame.  One thing the NFL could not have predicted out of drafting a great college quarterback was that he would turn into a repeat offender with a serious drug addiction.    Leaf and other NFL players have been caught in serious trouble and it reflects poorly on the league because these men are role models for the youth and by their actions they are creating horrible examples.  The league unfortunately has no real way of avoiding such cases and will always have some problems with players committing undesired actions.   The NFL has been dealing with a lot of negative issues recently and has received much negative media.  It will be even more important now for the league to start cracking down on the players and coaches, otherwise we could see a collapse of some sort.  One thing is sure, the media has a way of tearing people and associations apart.  The NFL is in trouble, athletes all over need to be more cautious of their decisions and realize that all it takes is one bad choice and your career/life could be over.

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