iPad Mini: Why I Want One

With the iPhone 5 just released, many people are wondering what Apple has in store for us next.  Well, if rumors are correct, it’s an iPad Mini.  At first glace, I just brushed it off and told myself no one would ever buy it.  But after thinking about it, I believe there is a market for them and I’m part of it.  I work in a field that deals a lot with audio, video, and lighting.  The vast majority of programs and hardware I use now have apps available for remote control.  While  my current iPad works just fine, having a smaller screen would add much needed portability for my field of work.  I presume it would weigh less, and the obvious, “mini” part both play in to me purchasing one.

Another market for this new device would be as an e-reader.  I think it would be able to compete better with the Nook and Kindle.  I have many friends who decided to go with one of the aforementioned readers over an iPad because of its size.  After posing the question to some of them, most of them told me they would strongly consider getting the new iPad Mini.  They added that they love what the current iPad has to offer.  They loved the messaging capabilities, as well as the extremely popular app store.  One friend I talked to also mentioned she loved the thought of being able to use a Bluetooth  keyboard to take notes on the device in class.  While the people I spoke with had all of these positive things to say about the iPad, because the size was the most important quality to them, they decided to buy another brand’s product.  I’m excited to see what Apple has up their sleeves for the next product release, and        if-and-when it’s an iPad Mini, I’m for sure buying one.

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