Travel: Hands-free Suitcase

Traveler’s everywhere will be happy to hear that a new prototype suitcase has been released that uses a cell phone to follow its users around.  This new invention is called the “hop.”  Although it is not actually in production yet, it uses wifi to keep the suitcase rolling along with you.  Ideally, it keeps the suitcase moving at a constant distance, although a vibration is sent to the cell phone if a signal is lost.  Bags can even be combined to follow behind each other.  The article states that “a micro controller calculates the suitcases’ position relevant to the phone, and keeps the case moving on its caterpillar tracks based on compressed air. ”  The suitcase will hopefully be made larger, but for now it says that it appears to only be ‘carry-on’ size.  It also brings up a great point that checked luggage is typically thrown around and not handled as carefully as we would use our own luggage in carry-ons.  This would require better material and stronger bags if they progress to checked luggage.  Also mentioned is the possibility of luggage not being quick enough for users in a hurry to catch last-minute flights.  These potential suitcases can change the future of traveling and technology.

Is this suitcase something you could see yourself using in the future?  I feel there are many limitations and things that could go wrong, but if perfected, I think it is something that could prove very useful. For mothers with young children, or families traveling with lots of belongings, this suitcase could be useful in managing other essentials.  Even business professionals could use this suitcase if needing to carry a laptop or briefcase in addition to this.  However, I can see that this might result in more theft, especially in larger locations.  Regardless, I would like to see where this takes off in the future.




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