Is Age Important When it Comes to Technology?

So since we live in a technological world now does that mean everyone has become tech savvy?  Well not so much.  It is often assumed that teenagers or “young people”  know technology to a tee.  However from experience it isn’t so true, because it depends on one’s upbringing and surroundings.  As a young child I grew up with a tech savvy computer dad, who constantly fixed computers for his job.  He helped my sister and I become familiar with how it worked and what it was capable of.  The internet was an even more wonderful surprise as we learned what it could do.  Growing up classmates were into all types of websites and social medias, that I never had a chance to access due to my overprotective mother.  While I was outdoors playing soccer my friend would be texting away on her phone, something I also didn’t have till i was 16.  Now these days I see seven year olds with Ipads and Iphones, something I myself do not understand.  I feel I appreciate technology a little more because I never had it at such a young age.  However on the other hand the younger someone can become familiar with technology the more positive it can be for their future and the future of society  .Society strives on technology these days and will continue too.  So no matter the age it is important to become familiar with it.  Although the nation and especially the country as a whole is not completely familiar with technology, we continue to grow.

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