Will Computers Replace the Entire Human Race?

While computers perform all processes humans can at much higher speeds, they can’t replace humans. Humans feel and have emotions. Humans are free to do as they will with their lives; we are living organisms. Computers can imitate human emotion, but only because it was prompted by a human. Computers do not interact without a human inflecting a command. A computer does not think and reason, it calculates. Human thoughts and emotion may be predictable, but are by no means calculable. Some philosophers may disagree with this notion, but my belief is that as humans we are free to function as we desire. A computer is artificial and performs task as prompted. A computer only knows and does as much as it’s told to know and do. Some tasks are tedious and repetitive; telling a computer to keep the time would be like reminding yourself to breath. In analyzing whether or not a computer can replace a human, we must look at what it means to be a human. A human creates culture, we have instinct, we survive, we eat, and we do all these things without being told to do so by some other species. If we left two laptops in a room together for two hundred years they would not evolve into better laptops. In fact, they would probably be severely outdated compared to the computers developed by a human at that time. Computers can’t develop themselves in their current state and humans can. Not only can humans develop better computers, they can develop better humans. A computer may imitate human function, it may improve and help stabilize individual human functions as prompted, but it will never be able to replace the intelligence that created it.

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