Is “Google” becoming a hindrance on education?

In today’s day and age everything can be accessed through the World Wide Web. From the latest celebrity break-ups, to solutions for numbers 1 through 7 in your algebraic textbook, the internet has the answers to it all. There is no refuting its undeniable convenience, but when do engine searches become a crutch, a hindrance on American educational system as a whole? There are obviously more pros than there are cons when it comes to the progression of technology and its influence on education and there definitely aren’t any excuses for students (people in general) to remain clueless on essentially any topic. The internet is a tool that will forever be in use, but in my opinion it is making the lazy even lazier. For example, students have textbooks for a reason and that reason is to learn. Instead of researching different literary works/textbooks, students are prone to turn to Google for a direct answer. Some may argue and say that it doesn’t matter how the answer is obtained as long as it is correct; that may be true, but in a sense it hinders our critical thinking skills. As a student myself, I am extremely guilty of “Googling” more than I should, because I rather have a straight forward answer than to have to draw my own conclusions and inferences. Like I said I am not some Amish anti-technology extremist, I just feel that over-usage of anything can lead to a negative outcome. As students we should take the initiative to put more effort into research and not rely solely on the internet. “Everything in moderation”.

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