Is Google Destroying Societies Ability To Learn On Our Own?

Google can easily be argued as one of the greatest technological advancements of all time. Not only did it change the way we exchange, search for, and process information, but above all it made the need for textbooks and libraries a thing of the past. The world has transitioned from reading books to expand there knowledge to typing 2 words into googles search engine and being hit with an overload of answers and insight to anything and everything you could possibly want to know. But is the switch from books to mouse clicks a good or bad thing for our society? Will our children’s children growing up in a highly computerized world be more or less intelligent from having more knowledge at their fingertips and less knowledge they must learn on their own? I personally see both positive and negative outcomes. I’ve found that if I need to know an answer to a test or want to know “who was the 5th president”, I tend to just type it into google, get instant satisfaction of an answer, and move on. When we search on google we tend to just be looking for the quick answer to something, not the entire story behind it. And I think thats the problem with the future of our society. With more available to us, we are now satisfied with less. “Google knows it, so why should we.” Therefore we are transitioning into a world where we learn things but don’t process them, and forget easily because if we can’t remember thats okay- Google will!

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