The More Advance Technology becomes, the More Work There is for Us to Do

Our society is all about finding the next best thing. As a result we focus a lot of our attention to developing our technology, so we can be a part of the most innovative technology. As innovation improves, so does the work load. In the beginning technology was supposed to make our work load simpler and easier to do. However, with an easier work load, this allows for a person to take on more work. No one wants to be left behind, so they are always striving to find what can help them get an advantage over their counterpart. So far the majority of these gains can be made from technology. The fact that technology is so versatile makes the process of improvement that much more pivotal to everyone. There is not a single aspect of life that could not be improved by technology. Whether we necessarily want technology to have a role in every aspect of our lives, it is inevitable to happen. I personally think that while the benefits of technology have created more work for us, it is only helping to benefit our lives. If one becomes too complacent with the way things are now, there will never be that motivation to strive for more. As much as we are a society about innovation and improvements, we are also a society plagued by laziness. Many of are lacking internal motivation and therefore need an external factor to really kick us into gear. This can all be solved by technology. What we need is not always something we want, but regardless we must accept the challenge and just do it.

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