The Internet to blame for making us dumb or just lazy?

Is the internet really to blame for how we re-act and behave to longer periods of reading? The convenience of the internet without a doubt has changed our extension spanned. Too much of a good thing like technology and the internet is now in return effecting us more than benefiting us. Because as individuals we are becoming too lazy. We’re not balancing well between the real world and technology. We want everything fast and easy. Convenience is the best word to describe our nation. Our extension span has shorten, we become too bored or distracted with other things too quickly. The article “Is Google making us stupid?” assures us of this in a study that was made, points out that people often use a form of “skimming activity” as opposed to reading the whole article. Wolf points out that efficiency and immediacy is above all else. I couldn’t agree more. However I feel that the blame shouldn’t necessarily be put on just the internet alone. The way we think and the way we behave is now different because of technology in general. Television, computers, cell phones, tablets, video games and other forms of technology has now allowed us to become more easily distracted. These forms of technology give us options therefor allowing us to feel that we can multitask but in reality they are just an unnecessary form of distraction keeping us from really concentrating and engaging in our task at hand. As individual’s it’s important to hold yourself responsible and accountable for how you are absorbing information. At the end of the day you may be saving a few minutes skimming on an article but you’re only hurting yourself and skimming yourself of valuable and beneficial information.

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