Is it even more of a tragedy when it is familiar to you?

So as we all know, there was a recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon. A very sad day for many innocent people in the world. Well I just so happened to have three friends at the marathon. As it would have been scary either way, it was extra scary knowing that I had people I cared about there. When it came onto the news, I had not been in touch with these friends for a bit because one of them was running it and the other two were watching. As it happened, the phones were not working, so therefore even if they were able to contact me, they couldn’t. We didn’t hear word that they were ok for a couple of hours. One of my friends was very close to one of the explosions and she was with another friend. As I said before the third friend was running the actual marathon, and the other two friends could not find her for a long time, and were very worried. She hit mile 25.4 and was turned around unable to finish. All in all it was very scary for everyone and a very sad event for people all around. Not knowing what is going on, and being unable to contact people that you know are in a dangerous environment is not a great feeling. All I can say is how thankful I am that the tragedy was not worse than it was. It is so unfortunate that things like this happen in the world.

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