Review of the Class and How Technology Allowed Me to take this Course

This is my last blog of the year! I have to admit I thought I would hate doing these blogs, but I actually really liked them. They allowed me to write about what I read in the book and I think that it actually helped my understanding of the material. Sometimes I would get frustrated with what I read and I could write down everything I was feeling at the time. It gave me a voice. I think that is what is missing in most college classes. I got a chance to share with others my understanding, my thoughts, and my feelings toward a topic.

This was all done because of technology. That is what we have been talking about this entire class. Technology has opened so many doors for us. I took this class completely online because of the computer. We had open discussions from posting responses to a topic. It is amazing what the computer has done for the world. It has also allowed people in other states and other countries to take the same classes. This summer I am living in Tennessee, but I am taking two online classes through UCF. A few years ago, this would not have been possible. We need to be thankful for what we have and not take everything for granted. I know without online classes, I probably would not still be in college because I do not like going to campus. Technology has shaped our world and I can’t even imagine what is still to come!

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