Trending Worldwide: Have You #Hashtagged Today?

The world that we currently live in is currently changing. It doesn’t matter if you are a right or left brain thinker or if you live in the United States or across the ocean somewhere, we all have things in common, however technology allows us to communicate faster than ever. When I tune into commercial television there are often times words that someone displayed on the screen to be hashtagged via social media, most likely for the use of Twitter. It is quite unbelievable that I can connect with someone across the country or overseas with a hashtag. It is a great way to see how different topics, ideas, movies or TV shows are currently trending throughout the world. It is mind blowing how quickly information spreads with the use of technology at our fingertips. We have made a huge leap in technology over the years. I cannot imagine waiting weeks or even months about a response to a simple question.

Almost everything today incorporates the use of technology.  People can do just about anything on the Internet and currently there is a huge inclination in social media contests. For example, with the use of a hashtag UCF won a Victoria’s Secret Pink Party for Fall 2013. Now to some this may not seem like a big deal, but for others this is huge, if you were a participant. The contest was basically a March Madness Bracket for Universities across the country and participants hashtagged their activities (#UCFPinkParty). Some of the contests included a Pin party on Pinterset, an Insta-Slam on Instagram, and a Tweet Race on Twitter. Hashtags have given us a new way to communicate with others allowing us to see current trends immediately.

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