What Technology has Taught Me… and Bought Me!

When examining technology in my life, I have come to realize a few things. And these realizations, especially throughout this semester, have shaped a new and interesting viewpoint of how I use and am used by technology.

  1. Technology has taught me how to organize my life and has bought me time I needed to focus my attention elsewhere. Technology has given me the ability to compactly organize my life into one little handheld device. I can access my email, my calendar, my contacts, my photographs, my relationships, my music and my videos all in one very easy to access place. Having so much of my life organized in an easy to use, portable package has saved me precious time that I have been able to allocate to other things. It has constantly bought me those extra moments to do other things like take pictures of my sweet girl, respond to an emergency email, Google an allergic reaction when I was at a restaurant. It taught me organization and bought me time.
  2. Technology has taught me to value relationships with people and  bought me a second chance at relationships I had forgotten.  Technology has allowed me to share my life with friends and family I rarely get to see. I can update every friend in my life from FB or Twitter and tell everyone all at once what I’m saying or thinking. Technology has bought me a second chance at reestablishing friendships with people I have drifted apart from. Some of my favorite online relationships are people I was once close to and time and distance separated us. Social media sites have made it possible to reconnect with old friends and distant family. Taught me to value relationships and bought me a second chance at those relationships.
  3. Technology has taught me the value of the vast expanse of facets of information available to me and bought me an inroad into experiencing them. Technology has allowed me to experience other cultures and find out anything I want to know with just a few keystrokes. It has bought my attention and allowed me to explore the world without leaving my home.
  4. Technology has taught me about the future of our world and bought me an education for MY future. It’s not hard to see where we are moving as a culture. As more content migrates into online communities, we will begin to live more of our lives in online environments – from relationships to shopping to education. Technology bought me the ability to get an education where it was not possible or available to me before.


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