Is Jameis Winston That Good? Will He Keep It up?

This is a very premature question, but I feel like it should be addressed.  Will Jameis Winston be the greatest Quarterback to ever play in college football?  Or better yet the greatest to ever play in the NFL?  The kid has everything you want in a QB.  A rocket for an arm.  The right mindset.  He also has the size and athletic ability that makes you go wow.

Standing at 6’4 and weighing nearly 235 pounds Winston possesses the size that any team would dream of.  His arm may be the best arm we have seen in years, and frankly the guy has ice water running through his veins.  As a red shirt freshman at Florida State University he has taken college football by storm.  He has lead FSU to a 6-0 record and they are currently ranked #2 in the polls.  He has given FSU fans the hope to dream about a national championship, something they haven’t seen in over a decade.

He makes plays with his arm that freshman QBs shouldn’t be able to make.  He plays with the poise of a fifteen year seasoned veteran.  He can make any throw on the field and he completes them with ease.  He just makes it look so easy.  This all coming from a Gator fan.  How can you not appreciate or respect play like that?  When I look at Jameis Winston I see a guy who is taking the college football by storm and will soon take the NFL by storm.  He will be more than likely the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft and the team he goes to will be extremely happy.  Barring serious injury or off the field issues I can certainly see Winston possibly being one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game.  At both levels.  There is still a lot to see, but so far, I am very impressed.




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