Japanese Nuclear Leak Threatens Pacific Waters

There have been recent talks of radiation poisoning threatening the coastline of California. A nuclear power plant in japan that was affected by the recent tsunami has been rumored to be leaking radiation into the Pacific Ocean. The threat is not just limited to the waters; any aquatic animals that are used for food in the Pacific are at risk of having been contaminated.

Surprisingly, there has been a recent announcement that the clean up for the leakage will be postponed until 2017. The recent heavy rains have made it more difficult to clean the coolant tanks, which were ruptured. The rumor is that a rodent may be responsible for the coolant takes shutting down. This led to a leak of radiation, and since the earthquake and tsunami disaster destroyed much of the coastline, the leakage has reached international waters.

The levels of contaminants are still very low, but the situation has been raised to ‘very serious’ according to Japanese officials. The water that flowed though the buildings and houses around the power plant were also affected causing over 9,000 people to evacuate their homes. This made the situation much more serious and was the impetus to create an awareness for a clean up.

Tepco, the company who owns and runs the plant has been overwhelmed while dealing with this issue. They claim that the contaminants in the ocean are too low to affect the safety of life. Tepco has taken additional steps to flow the contaminated water from underground into the sea and claim that it will not pose a threat.

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