Is Kanye West the Kanye Best?

To be completely honest, I wrote this article, in part, so that I could use that headline. I’m very proud of it.

But, to answer my own question: yes. Kanye is easily one of the best rappers in the business, not to mention one of the most sought after producers. He has released four studio albums, all of which have gone platinum. He has won twenty-one Grammy awards. The man is incredible.

He is also a raging asshole.

We all saw him take the microphone away from Taylor Swift after she won her VMA for Best Female Video, drunkenly proclaiming that Beyonce had “one of the best videos of all time.”

What people forget is that a similar incident occurred in 2006, when his video for “Touch The Sky” failed to land him an award at the EMA’s. Kanye stormed the stage and argued that he should have been victorious.

Sadly, he was not immediately presented with the award. What a world we live in, right?

He also made headlines when he famously hypothesized that “President Bush doesn’t care about black people.” On national television. While raising money for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Regardless of merit, or lack thereof, not exactly the best way to solicit donations.

That’s why it’s so difficult for me to admit just how much I love Kanye.

His music is ridiculous and amazing and incredibly intricate and just great. Separating the person from the music is the only way to truly appreciate any musical artist, and an exercise I wholly recommend.

Unless that person is Chris Brown.

That guy is just THE WORST.



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