Cell Phones Taking Over the World?

I group in the generation where cell phones were being invented and the technology got better year by year. Yes there were cell phone when I was born, but they were these brick like device that nobody could afford and they were mainly used by the military. As I said year by year the technology for cell phones has gotten better and better. Cell phone were initially invented so that you were able to carry a small phone on you so that you may reached a loved one at any certain time or able to call someone if there was emergency. Since then technology has progressed and made it possible to communicate through text on phones. This has made it so that not only do we not need to see the person face to face now we do not even need to verbally talk to the person.

We have recently reached an era in cell phones where the technology  for cell phone as made it easier for many people around the world. We are able to surf the internet, send text messages, send emails, play games, and manage a business from anywhere in the world. It like having a small computer in your hand. With this technology it seems that everyone is hiding behind these phones. We never really see the person that we are talking to because of these cellphones. If stop and take a look around the room that you are in right now you can see everyone is probably looking down at the phone. Many people feel that they cannot go through a day with out these. I have challenged myself to go a day with out using my phone except for phone calls that need to be made and I felt that my day was more accomplished. I challenge you do do the same and see how you feel.

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