Do too many use Google as a “go-to” for a range of different things ?

These days technology has made people very lazy. By lazy I mean anything can be done with  many different types of technology. A great example is Google, with a couple keywords and the click of a button, you can find nearly anything out. Ranging from recipes in a different country, to a record set over 100 years ago. The things that you can find out on Google are unheard of. I personally abuse Google, I absolutely love it and do not know what I would do without it. I for one will hear a song that I like and only remember a couple words. So I take the few words and plug them into Google and there you go, the whole song pops up. So now is the real question, do too many people use it as a go-to? I think yes, the reason being is because what would happen if one day Google disappeared, many people, me included would be lost. I use Google at least ten times a day. There is no way that I am the only one. It is bad to become so dependent on something that could be gone one day. On the other end,  what is the problem with using Google as a go-to, nothing really, it is not hurting anyone and if anything is benefiting the people that make money off of the things on Google. Everyone will always have a different opinion on issues such as this, but with something so harmless such as Google, to each his own.

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