Is There Anything Google Doesn’t Know?

Currently, everyone including myself is Google obsessed. When you ask someone to look something up online they are most likely not turning to any random search engine. Google has become extremely popular and people have lately been turning the word Google into a verb. Many say, “I will Google it” or “When I was Googling it…” Google can be used to look up absolutely anything. If you are wondering how to convert measurements while cooking or baking or if you want to know the average snowfall, etc, you can just type it in on Google and the results you are looking for appear before your eyes. When I ask Siri a question on my iPhone I am directed to the web, which is Google since that is my default browser. It has really become second nature to me. Google is all around me. One unique thing that I personally love about Google are the Doodles. Whether it be a certain holiday or just a random day of the year Google will make their homepage something that pertains to that specific day. For example, on the 4th of July, Google was spelled out in red, white and blue and the words, “This land was made for you and me” was what made up the letters that spelled out Google. People who are very interested in a particular Doodle can purchase a product with the Doodle they like printed on it. I know it’s a strange way to look at it, but Google is all knowing. It seems like there is nothing Google doesn’t know. However, Googlers must be careful since not all information on Google is true or factual.

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