Is Learning Together Better?

As the days advance so does a new phenomenon called “collaborative learning.” What exactly is this so called “collaborative learning?” Well according to Pierre  Dillenbourg and his article titled “What Do You Mean By ‘Collaborative learning’?”, there is no actually definition that everybody can agree on for the term. However, it does involve as little as two people and has big as an entire population working together to absorb a new idea or topic. In order to learn about this new topic the group must have discussions on the matter.

In my opinion, I think this new method of learning is very effective. My reasoning is because it opens up our narrow minds to new ways of thinking. Everyone has a different way of processing their thoughts and when we share our thought processes we are opening up a new “light” on the subject that was once thought of in a different way by a different person. It is important in our ever-changing society that we open our minds and eyes to new ways of thinking and new things everyday. This method of learning helps us achieve that. Watch, next time you are having a discussion with someone else or even a group of people just sit back and listen to their thoughts on the subject and I am sure that at least one new thought process will come about in the chat. Then of course, give your opinion so they will get a new way of thinking! It is one big circle. Just open your minds and your eyes and your heart will open along the way.

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