Social Media Changing Our Lives

It is strange to think that just a few years ago Facebook did not exist.  Social media in general has blown up our internet world, and it seems virtually everyone has some sort of social media account.  And social media is not just for our personal enjoyment.  Now some companies will peruse your profile before deciding to hire or not hire you.  I step back sometimes and wonder what I did with all of my extra time before Facebook existed.  These sites have become such a big part of our lives, reporting on our daily tasks and posting pictures with our friends.  But with the good always comes bad.  And these sites have also led to bullying and lives being lost.  I also wonder why every time I log on, something has changed.  Something added, taken away, or just moved.  What’s the point of this?  My guess is that they are constantly trying to play keep up.  As new technology surfaces almost daily, Facebook and Twitter are forced to find new ways to stay trendy and popular.  I think overall it is nice to have these social media websites.  It allows normal people to blog and put things out there that are important to them.  It also allows us to keep up with old friends that we may otherwise have no contact with.

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