Learning…From One Another?

In this day and age, we rely — almost religiously — on technology to get through the daily grind, whatever that may entail.  This technological revolution has finally made its way into the classroom, and is most popular in college/university, where the convenience of “learning from home” appeals to quite a number of students.  These online classes allow you to study at your own pace and even take your tests at the very last minute, should you be the procrastinating type.

Unlike traditional face-to-face classes, however, online classes don’t involve sitting in a giant lecture hall with 200+ other students while listening to the professor speak.  No, no.  Contrary to what many students enrolled in online classes believe to be true, professors in online classes don’t teach you; you and your fellow classmates teach one another.  All the professor functions as, in this particular setting, is a “mediator” who is there to resolve issues or clear up any confusion.

What?! A professor being paid to teach, but doesn’t teach?!


Yet, surprisingly, this method of “collaborative learning” is much more productive than it’s given credit for.  Every student has a varying opinion that differs from the rest of their classmates, and it might just be something you’ve never thought of before.  Learning from your peers may seem like a far-fetched idea at first thought, but do you not listen to someone that’s about the same age as you instinctually?  Odds are you do, and that’s why online classes instituting the collaborative learning method/approach are becoming more popular on campuses nationwide.  Learning from your fellow classmates…what a novel concept.

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